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Jurassic Minutes October 2021

November 3, 2021

Hello and welcome to The October issue of Jurassic Minutes 


Where we discuss recent movie, toy and franchise news for the Jurassic series. 






On this episode we will be discussing 

  • A new table top books on the way
  • The folio society releases the lost world
  • And we have more to discuss on camp Cretaceous in spoilers at the end of the show. 

Recent Toy or Prop Purchases?

Brad - nil

Dave - Zip

Now for the news

00:06:08 Jurassic World: Die-Cast Metal Projector



00:07:48 New Ultimate visual History book coming for the Jurassic world trilogy.



00:11:53 The folio society releases The Lost World Novel.



00:17:08 Stern Pinball releases Un official pinball machine.



00:18:59 Original Alan Grant Fossil Claw is up for auction - 



00:22:05 SPOILERS 

Camp C season 4 teaser to be released on December 3rd. Nothing new released, anything new to discuss?

 And then we get the leak. Spoilers and anything to add now it’s semi confirmed?


Thank you for listening. 

-Anything else we'd like to bring up?

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Links to The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 Minutes can be found at the web site. 


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