Jurassic Mysteries Ep 005 The Fate of Isla Sorna

March 13, 2019

We interrupt this weeks two minutes to talk about a passionate subject to us, Isla Sorna. there's been a lot of chatter about its current fate, so we look deep in to the history and what Sorna may look like now.


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JP3M-035 A Isla Sorna Kind of Jungle

March 8, 2019

After coming face to face with her lover Amanda runs off into the jungle. Paul catches up with her, but they soon discover they are in a very bad place. Minute 35 is here....


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JP3M-034 Bone Men Ben

March 6, 2019

As we head into Minute 34 Grant and Billy try to pull down the parachute, with horrific consequences....


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JP3M-033 Family Video Time

March 1, 2019

Its Family video time, sadly it dosen't add much more detail to what happened to Ben or Eric. Minute 33 is here!


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JP3M-032 Tricyclatops

February 27, 2019

As the Kirby's bicker with each other Udesky decides his sticking with Grant and Billy. But its short lived as they come across the Dino-Soar Parachute. But Eric and Ben are no where to be seen, or are they?


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JP3M-031 Kirby Paint And Tile Plus

February 23, 2019

As we end out another week, The final Lies from the Kirby's come out and Grants annoyed That here they are in the most dangerous place in the world and they aren't even getting paid!


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JP3M-030 Thirty Thousand Feet, We Where Pretty Close To The Top!

February 20, 2019

As we come down from Toy Fair there's a interesting minute of Jurassic Park 3 to discuss. Not only do we get our second InGen name drop in the film, but the final Kirby secret comes out. 


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JP3M-029.5 Toy Fair 2019 Reveals and Discussion

February 17, 2019

On this bonus episode of the show we are having a look at the current releases and reveals from New York Toy Fair. And boy are we not living in a great time for Jurassic Themed toys and collectibles.


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JP3M-029 Searching The Wreckage

February 16, 2019

Minute 29 is here ans we take a step down from the action for a minute while we search the plane wreckage and get changed. But what was this new animal that attacked them?


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JP3M-028 You Probably Won’t Get Off This Island Alive!

February 13, 2019

As We continue with Jurassic Park 3 more info on Eric's disappearance comes out, and for the moment Grant thinks his getting the full story. Yes there's a second island with dinosaurs, and we are trekking right for them. Minute 028 is here.


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