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Jurassic Minutes Camp Cretaceous Season 3 Preview

May 12, 2021

Hello and welcome to a special issue of Jurassic Minutes 


Where we will discuss recent news for the Jurassic series. 




On this episode we will be discussing 

-the Camp Cretaceous season 3 trailer

-what we know going into season 3

-and our predictions for the third season.


Camp Cretaceous is only a couple of weeks away. Before it’s released onto Netflix we wanted to have a little discussion about the new trailer.


The second trailer has shown a little more from season 3, including some things we wanted to see, and some things we don’t know what we just seen. 


So let’s get into it.


Now we’ve seen aspects of the season, what do we want to see on screen? 



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Thank you for listening. 

-Anything else we'd like to bring up?

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