TLWM - 063 Tyrannosaur’s Return

November 7, 2017

Its the beginning of the end for Eddie, and he sees it as daddy says hello.



TLWM - 062 Desperation…

November 2, 2017

As we end the week Eddie continues to try and save his friends, in 2 minutes time his fight will be over. Minute 062 is now online.


TLWM - 061 Some Days You Cant Save a RV

October 31, 2017

Eddie continues to struggle in the vain attempt to save his team. Minute 61 is here.


TLWM - 060 We’re Sliding Here!

October 26, 2017

As the trailers slide towards the cliffs Edge Eddie does what ever he can to help the stranded team.

Massive thank you to the guys over at the Jurassic Cast Podcast for allowing us to use thier Audio from the Richard Schiff Interview. Many more Interviews with Jurassic stars can be found on thier podcast


TLWM - 059 And a Apple Turnover!

October 24, 2017

This episode we get some humour from the team as Eddie strains to save thier lives.

Massive thank you to the guys over at the Jurassic Cast Podcast for allowing us to use thier Audio from the Richard Schiff Interview. Many more Interviews with Jurassic stars can be found on thier podcast



TLWM Listener Special No 1

October 17, 2017

This week before we hit the half way point of our Journey to Isla Sorne, we record our Listener feed back special.


Show Notes:



Opening Credits: (added in post)


Hello and welcome to The Lost World Minute, the minute by minute podcast reviewing the 1997 Sequel to Jurassic Park one minute at a time.






Today we are here for a special Episode recapping our Listener week and giving away a little prize.


It's easy for us to sit here and talk on and on about the movie we love, but it's about time we get other fans opinions also. While we unfortunately can't have you in the show to voice your opinions on the film, we do want to hear your thoughts on the film and the franchise on the whole.

So for this full week we will be asking a series of questions to get your feedback on The Lost World. You can also ask your own questions of us and we will answer them the best we can.

 We see a lot of fans following us on social media and would love to get more of you listening to the show and telling us why you love the Jurassic films so much.



Who’s your favourite Lost World Character?


What's your favourite Lost World Dinosaur?



What's your favourite scene from The Lost World?

  • Thomasseligmann Crashing the sleepover
  • Twaynemays Definitely the tent scene with Kelly and Sarah! That scene stuck with me when I was 7 watching in theaters opening week. Then tension, the dark score queuing/building up, hands down my favorite scene to watch out of all four Jurassic movies thus far. Which says a lot because as we all know there are tons of great scenes to choose from.
  • Aegyptiacus3 So many! The hunters capturing the herbivores, their breakout from their enclosures, the Rex trailer attack, raptors in the long grass and the abandoned worker village
  • Jaros428 Round up, trailer attack, crashing sleepover, worker village, San Diego, everything.
  • Miketharme Opening scene, pretty dam grizzly and off camera too making it more horiffic on how the compys attack the kid
  • Rallen_untamed Although it's jumping the shark a bit, I always took a kind of sick glee in seeing the Rex in San Diego. Also... poor dog...
  • Jurassicdownunder Truth is there is so many awesome scenes in that movie. But i feel like everyone forgets ol rexy in the city scene, still to this day its not over done or any sort of bad CG. Its clean and Spielberg all over! A bus ends up in a video store...classic cinema.



What's your favourite Set or prop from TLW? This can include vehicle or weapon.




Favourite Track from the score:

  • So many to choose from!!😍 It's a 10/10 soundtrack all through!
  • Nikola_lekic92 The Raptors Appear. I love the fast rhythm, the percussions. It catches me all the time and it fits very well in the scene, when the Raptors hunt the survivors.
  • Aayushroy3745 Journey to the island
  • Jurassicparkpodcast Malcom’s Journey.




00:30:12 Email Questions


  • So I had my question. In The Lost World, we get to see the hunting
    patterns of three different dinosaurs, the compys, the raptors, and
    the t-rex. Which of their strategies to you was the most effective,
    and why?

    Thank you for the opportunity,

    Matthieu Munoz



  • With news on rights reverting back to the chricton family after Jurassic 6, do you see the franchise continuing/rebooting? Or going back to chricton and being left alone? Thanks, Andrew



  • Do you think another dinosaur franchise could exists in a Jurassic world? With the Jurassic films hopefully ending at pt 6 could another dinosaur series be made? And are the Jurassic dinosaur designs copyright? Thanks for the show, Mitch p


00:57:53 PRIZE TIME!

Everyone that submitted a question had a number assigned to them and I ran my little random number generated to get the winner. We wanted to go for participation and not the question/answer we thought was the best.

And the winner is: Mitch P. Mitch emailed his submission to us and it was a interesting topic to discuss.



Thank you for listening.

-Anything else we'd like to bring up?

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Facebook page: the lost world minute

Twitter: @thelostworldminute

Instagram: thelostworldminute


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TLWM - 058 Your Lucky Pack!

October 12, 2017

The phone falls and the window breaks. now Eddie needs to help our team get to safety.
Minute 58 is here

And the link to the Video Brad Discussed about the rear glass of the Trailer



TLWM - 057 Kneeling On Thin Ice!

October 10, 2017

Those spider webs are getting bigger, and now we have a hanging satillite phone to add suspense. Minute 57 is here



TLWM - 056 Their Pushing us over The Cliff

October 6, 2017

HOLD ON TO SOMETHING, we're going over!


TLWM - 055 Hold on this is Going to Be Bad

October 4, 2017

Bringing the baby to the Trailers was a bad idea, and we are about to see exactly how much danger our teams in. Minute 055 is here with a bang!